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Crema Santa


Crema Santa Limestone

Crema Santa is a very popular limestone selection and is characterized by its off-white color and small and homogenous fossils and shells. Crema Santa is a classic limestone that shows real shells from millions of years ago on its surface. It’s currently being quarried from our limestone quarry in Demre, Antalya.

Crema Santa is very popular in beach towns as pool copings or on patio areas but is not restricted to these. It is the most hard and resilient of our limestone selections. A very versatile stone, used in all climates and spaces. The most popular finish is the brushed finish which creates a leather like feel to touch. This stone has the signature white color of our limestone and the traditional look of shells. The material is very consistent from piece to piece in shade and tone.

The limestone’s properties make it ideal for outdoor flooring, pool copings, and walls. Slip and heat-resistant properties are highly valued for residential projects, and the light color is beloved for its modern looks on residential pools. Unlike marble, limestone will always be cold to touch, even in very hot climates.

A timeless clean modern look for all commercial and residential projects.


Technical Specifications

Bulk Specific Gravity - 2476 kg/m3
Compressive Strength – 53.7 MPa
Porosity %8.7
Hardness 3 - 3.5 Mohs



For maintenance, please apply a deep penetrating limestone sealer after stone application to ensure the limestone remains stain-free. Particularly for outdoor or indoor flooring use, please apply the sealer as soon as the stone is applied on the floor. To keep the stone as clean as possible, re-apply the sealer in intervals as you see fit. The time between re-application of the sealer will change with the amount of contact with stains or weather (yearly to once every couple years).


For cleaning the material, please use the below technique:

-Use a bleach-water mixture. We recommend around ½ cup of bleach per 1 gallon of water (50-60ml of bleach per 1 L of water).

-Put the solution in a spray bottle and apply to the stained area.

-Use a microfiber cloth and clean the material.

-Wait for 5 mins, rinse with water, then air dry.